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I love to sing. Thankfully, there are people who enjoy listening, and that is all I need!

When I sing live, it’s not just about singing. It’s not just about having people listen to my voice. It’s about the audience. It’s about connecting with them and respecting them, and having a good time with them. The audience is part of the show, so I always appreciate having wonderful audiences!

So, what do I do? I perform regularly for private functions - corporate events, weddings, birthdays, charity functions and so on.

I like to keep things interesting, with lots of variety, so I sing a very wide range of styles: jazz, Portuguese fado, music theatre, opera and pop music, and the emphasis depends on the audience!

What’s my experience?

I’ve sung on the Portuguese television shows Praca da Alegria, Portugal Sem Fronteiras, Portugal No Coracao and Fatima, and performed with the hugely popular Quim Barreiros in Portugal. (There’s a good reason for him being popular - he’s good natured, funny and entertaining!)

I had the great honour of performing at the Clube do Fado in Lisbon to the accompaniment of one of the greatest guitarists in Portugal, Mario Pacheco, who plays with top Fado singers such as Mariza, Camane, Ana Sofia Varela, Rodrigo Costa Felix, and many more.

I’ve performed in principal roles with Melbourne City Opera, and sung with various jazz, latin, pop and rock bands in Melbourne and around Australia.

Many will know me as the female singer from Railway on Church in Middle Brighton, Church Street, Brighton. I sang there every week for 2 years from 2009-2011.

Hopefully, I will be singing for you soon!




Olivia de Sousa-Ferres


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